Audio | Music

Joe Hogan



Welcome. I make sounds and music. Mainly in the games industry, but I have also worked on TV ads, library music, indie films and virtual instruments.

My game-audio credits include, the “Elite Dangerous” series (Lead Audio Designer, from 2013 to 2022), Horizon: Call of the Mountain (2023), Chime (2010), Silent Hill: Downpour (2012), Zoo Tycoon (2013), mobile games from LEGO, and many more.

My commercial audio credits include TV spots for HeinzHotpoint, and online spots for Lego Technic, BMW, and more.

I have also scored the music for numerous indie films, including “Nuryan” (Winner of ‘Best Horror/Sci-Fi Feature’, London Independent Film Festival 2010), and video games such as Disney’s “The Sorcerer’s Apprentice” (2010).