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CreditsUpdated September 2015

Feature Films

Nuryan2009 Horror-Drama - 90mins, "Best Horror/Sci-fi" at London Independent Film Festival 2010 Composer
Roanoke: The Lost Colony 2007 Historical-Drama - 88mins Composer
Promise Keeper 2005 Supernatural-Thriller - 70mins Composer
Low (Trailer) 2011 Thriller-Drama Composer, Post-Sound
Bad Blood 2005 Drama Feature Composer

Video Games

Elite Dangerous: Horizons 2015 PC, Frontier Developments Lead-Audio-Designer
Elite: Dangerous 2014 PC/Mac/XboxOne, Frontier Developments Lead-Audio, Senior-Sound-Designer
Strike Wing: Raptor Rising 2013 IOS, Crescent Moon Games Composer, Sound-Designer
Zoo Tycoon 2013 XboxOne, Microsoft Senior-Sound-Designer
Powerstar Golf 2013 XboxOne, Microsoft Lead-Audio, Sound-Designer
Who Wants to be a Millionaire: Special Editions 2013 PS3/Xbox360 Voice-Over Recordist & Editor
Lego Starwars: The Yoda Chronicles 2013 IOS, Lego Sound-Designer, Music Editor
Lego Chima: Speedorz 2013 Web/IOS, Lego Sound-Designer, Music Editor
Ashtaria 2012 Facebook, Dreamslair Composer, Sound-Designer
Silent Hill Downpour 2012 Xbox360/PS3, Konami Sound-Designer
Zumba Fitness - Core 2012 Xbox360/Wii, Majesco Audio-Engineer
Burnout Crash (Trailers) 2011 Xbox360/PS3, EA Additional Music
Haunt 2012 Xbox360(XBLA), Microsoft Lead Audio, Sound Designer
Zumba Fitness - Rush 2012 Xbox360/Wii, Majesco Mix/Mastering, Additional Sound-Design
Crush3d 2012 Nintendo 3DS, Sega Lead Audio, Sound Design, Additional Music
Chime Super Deluxe 2011 PS3(PSN) Lead Audio, Sound Designer, Composer
Sorcerers Apprentice 2010 Nintendo DS, Disney Interactive Composer, Sound Designer, Lead Audio
Chime 2010 Xbox360(XBLA), OneBigGame Lead Audio, Sound Designer, Composer
Heresy War 2011 PC Composer, Sound Designer
Disney Sing It: Family Hits 2010 PS3/Wii, Disney Interactive Music Editor
Guitar Hero [Downloadable Song Packs] 2009 PS3/Xbox360/Wii, Activision Music Mixing, Mastering & Stem Seperation
Girls Life: Sleep Over Party 2009 Wii, Ubisoft Musician (Bass)
You're In The Movies 2008 Xbox360, CodeMasters Movie-Sound-Design
Rock Revolution 2008 Xbox360/PS3, Konami Lead Audio, Sound Designer, Musician
Dancing With The Stars: We Dance! 2008 PS2/Wii, Activision Midi Engineer
Dancing With The Stars 2007 PS2/Wii, Activision Midi Engineer
Crush 2007 PSP, Sega Sound Designer/Music Editor (CutScenes)

Short Films

The Fig Tree 2015 Drama Short Composer
Autonomous 2015 Sci-fi/Drama/Action Short Composer
Among Sweet Flowers and Shades 2014 Drama Short Additional Music
Simon Says 2014 Drama Short Composer
V.P. 2014 Drama Short Composer
The Outside In 2014 Drama Short Composer
A Thousand Empty Glasses 2012 Drama Short Composer
The Fifth Stage 2012 Drama Short Composer
Urban 2010 Action Short film Composer
Bars 2011 Action Short film Composer (license)
Natural 2010 Comedy Short Composer
Salvage 2010 Sci-fi/Horror Short Composer
Cheers John 2009 Comedy Short Composer
Spirit 2008 Drama Short Composer
Ink Control 2005 Award-Winning Quirky Romantic Comedy Short Composer
Her Name Is Justice 2007 Fantasy-Thriller Short Composer
No More Land Mines 2007 Drama Short Composer
SnowBalls 2005 Black Comedy Short Composer
Oxy The Beautiful Cow 2005 Award-Winning Comedy Short Composer
Chaos 2005 Drama Short Composer
Phobiascape 2004 Short Composer (license)
True Colours 2004 Drama Short Composer/Song-Writer
Victorian Undead 2012 Short Zombie Horror Sound Design, Mix
The Boss's Wish 2012 Short Comedy Sound Design, Mix
There's No Place Like Home 2011 Short Romantic Drama Sound Design, Mix
Last Place You Look 2006 Award-winning Comedy Short Sound Design, Foley, Mix
Explosions 2006 UK Film Council Short Drama Sound Design, Foley, Mix
Flinch 2005 Gritty Crime Drama Short Sound Design, Foley, Mix
Mid and South Wales Safety Camera Partnership 2005 Corporate Health and Safety Film Sound Design, Foley, Mix

Virtual Instruments & Sample Libraries

Vocaloid Avanna 2012 Zero-G, Yamaha Producer, Editor/Engineer, Demo Composer
Broadway Big Band 2007 FableSounds, Sonivox Audio Editor
Degrees of Abstract 2007 Zero-G Audio Editor, Sample Programmer
Soundclash 2007 Zero-G Audio Editor, Sample Programmer
FireStorm 2007 Zero-G Audio Editor, Sample Programmer
VocalForge 2006 Zero-G, NativeInstruments Audio Editor, Sample Programmer
Nostalgia 2006 Zero-G, NativeInstruments Official Demo Composer
Vocaloid Miriam 2004 Zero-G, Yamaha Producer, Editor/Engineer, Demo Composer
Vocaloid Leon 2004 Zero-G, Yamaha Producer, Editor/Engineer, Demo Composer
Vocaloid Lola 2004 Zero-G, Yamaha Producer, Editor/Engineer, Demo Composer


HotPoint - Hot Hacks 2015 Series of online promo videos for Hotpoint kitchen appliances Sound Design, Mix, Music Editor
Girl Talk Magazine 2015 TV Commercial Composer, Sound Design/Mix
Tawkable Chinese 2013 WindowsPhone, MNECreations, language learning app/game Composer, Sound-Designer
Dani's Castle 2013 Childrens BBC (1 episode) Composer (source music)
Nestea Spin 2012 Android, Game for drinks company Nestea Composer, Sound-Designer
BAE Systems 2011 Corporate Video for BAE Systems Composer
Twisted Tools 2011 20 music cues published by Twisted Jukebox Composer
Skoda 2010 Flash Game for Skoda Sound Designer
Schweppes 2010 Flash Game for drinks company Schweppes Composer, Sound Designer
Oasis Fun 2010 Website & Flash Game for Drinks Company Oasis Composer, Sound Designer
Unze by Shalimar Shoes 2005 TV Commercial Composer
Gangrenous Extremities 2005 Music track published by Extreme Music Composer